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Day #2 of Bennett Cup - Awesome Swims!

Pacific Coast Swimming swimmers have been on FIRE this weekend at Bennett Cup! Today was our second day at the competition. We had 6 Divisional Standard qualifications and 13 Provincial Standard qualifications. Aditionally, we had numerous podium finishes. Check our the hightlights from day 2 down below as well as all the Divisional and Provincial qualifications made!

Highlights: Day 2 of Bennett Cup

Bridget Rupert(14) qualified for 15 year old Provincial championships in 50m freestyle & 50m, 100m and 200m Butterfly. On the weekend she finished 2nd in 100m butterfly, 2nd in 200m butterfly, 3rd in 50m freestyle, and 4th in the 800m freestyle.

Arran Robertson (17) had some big time drops, finishing 1st in 200m breaststroke as well as 5th in 100m breastroke. He qualified for 16-17 yr old provincial champs in both events.

Atanas Tchaochev(15) Won the 100m breastroke in1:06.60 dropping 2 seconds from his best time. He also finished 2nd in 50m freestyle, 3rd in 100m butterfly & 100m freestyle, as well as finished 5th in 200m breastroke. He qualified for 15 year old provincial championships in all of those events.

Jasper van Maren(15) had a real break out meet. He ran away with the 15 year old 200m Breaststroke 1st place knocking off 7 seconds for a time of 2:27 and qualifying for provincials. His weekend included top eight finishes in 100m butterfly(5th), 200m backstroke(8th) and 100m breastroke (6th).

Alonso Gutierrez(15) finished 4th in 200m freestyle & 200m butterfly putting in personal bests on both occasions, and came 5th in 50m freestyle snapping a second off of his personal best.

Lucy Hallett(14) had her top performances over in 800m freestyle coming in 3rd with a personal best and had top 8 finishes in 100m & 200m backstroke, as well as 200m butterfly. She anchored the 14-15 girls medley relay to 2nd place (along with B Rupert, A Rupert, R Greenfield). 

Maya Stevens (15) finished 4th in 200m freestyle, 5th in 200m butterfly, and 8th over all in 50m freestyle.

Annika Rupert(14) finished 3rd in 100m breastroke and 5th in 200m breastroke.

Adelina Benn(14) came 2nd in 100m breastroke and  3rd in 200m breastroke.

Taryn Mercer (15) was 4th in 100m breastroke, 4th in 200m backstroke and, 4th for 200m breastroke. 

Alex Camaraire: 2nd in 200m freestyle, 2nd in 50m freestyle, 3rd in 100m breastroke & 5th in 100m backstroke. Also also achieved Fraser & Island Divisional Standards in 50m & 200m freestyle.

Alex Chen: 5th in 200m butterfly as well as made his provincial standard in the event! Alex additionally qualified for Fraser & Island Divisionals in 50m freestyle.

Riley Greenfield: 1st in 100m backstroke, 1st in 100m breastroke, & 5th in 200m freestyle. Riley made Provincial Standards in 100m backstroke and breastroke, as well as Fraser & Island Divisionals in 200m freestyle.

Jesica Hier: 2nd in 200m freestyle, 5th in 100m backstroke, 6th in 100m breastroke, & 8th in 50m freestyle.

Rubin Lee: 1st in 100m backstroke, 4th in: 50m freestyle & 200m freetyle and 5th in 100m breastroke. Rubin made his provincial standards in 100m backstroke and his Fraser & Island Divisionals in 50m freestyle.

Makaio McKnight: Placed 2nd in 100m breastroke and 7th in 50m freestyle.

Sawyer Nabozniak: Placed 1st in 200m butterly, 3rd in 200m freestyle, 4th in 100m backstroke and 6th in 50m freestyle. Sawyer achieved his provincial standard in 200m butterfly.

Conor PoulinNew Fraser & Island Divisional Standard qualification in 50m freestyle.

Elizabeth Saska: 3rd in 50m freestyle, 8th in 100m backstroke. Elizabeth also made her provincial qualifications in 50m freestyle.


Way to go bolts! We are estatic to be back at racing. Stay tuned for our next competition!