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Day 1 of 2023 Winter Regionals

Our first day of Vancouver Island Regionals started off strong wtih the long distance events in the morning. Swimmers Mila C., Maelle S., Adrina GC., and Sophia S. all placed 1st thorugh 4th in the women's 11-12 800m freestyle. All swimmers attained a personal best as well. In the 13 -14 category, Avery N placed first with a 20 second best time. Following was Elizabeth S., dropping 13 seconds off her best and June A. dropping 10 seconds off her previous best time. On the boy's side, Noah Z. placed second in the 11-12 800m freestyle with a best time of over 30 seconds. Eli H. followed behind, placing 3rd and dropping 28 seconds from his previous time. Sawyer N. placed first with a 10 second personal best. Constantine C. also went a huge best time dropping 44 seconds off his prevous best time. 

We started off the afternoon with a tight relay race from the women's 13-14 4x50m freestlye relay. E. Saska, M. Chernenkoff, I. Meyer and A.Neal placed second. Following the A-team was I. Wu, N. Dietsch, R. Beattie and I. Wu on the B-team placing 4th. The men's A-team (E. Zhou, N. Hicks, S. Nabozniak, and E. Woo) placed first overall. The individual events started off with the girl's 100m freestyle. Mila C. placed first in the 11-12 age category with a best time of 1:03.41, followed by Sofia Z. placing 5th. Maelle S. placed 7th with a 2 second best time, followed by Adrina GC in 8th. Avery N. placed 3rd just over her best time, followed by Isabelle W., Nora D., Tracy Z., and Isabella M. placing 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. On the boys side, Noah Z. placed first in the 11-12 category just under his best time, followed by Ewan R is 2nd with a 3.7 second best time. Ethan Z. placed 6th followed by Evan E. in 7th with a 7 second best time, and Eli H. placing 8th. Eason Z placed 4th in the 13-14 category, followed by Makaio M. who placed 5th with a best time. 

Following the freestyle was 200m bacsktroke where Zoe L. placed 2nd in the 11-12 category with a 5 second best time. Sophia S. placed 5th with a 1.75 second best time. Elizabeth S. won the 13-14 girls 200m bacsktroke with a best time of 2:33.33. Isabelle W. placed 4th overall in the event. In the 15&over category, Taryn M placed 2nd overall. On the boys side, Ewan R placed 2nd just over his best, followed by Eli H in 3rd who obtained a 2 second best time. Ethan Z. went a 20 second best time in the event placing 6th, followed by Liam d.G in 7th and Owen S. in 8th with a 10 second best time. Brandaon Z. placed 8th in the 13-14 age category with an almost 3 second best time. Swimmers Constantine T and Qasim A both obtained big best timed in the event. 

50m butterfly came next with Mila C. placing 1st with a best time of 30.77 in the 11-12 category. Following was Adrina placing 4th just over her best. Elizabeth S. placed 2nd in the 13-14 age category with a best time, followed by Nora D. in 4th. Anika G. also went an almost 7 second best time in the event. The boys shined well in the 50m butterfly with Noah Z placing first with a 1 second best time, followed by Xavier who qualified for his first divisional standard. Sawyer N placed 2nd in the boys 13-14 category. The girls sweeped the 11-12 200m I.M with Mila placing first, Maelle placing 2nd, and Sophia S placing 3rd. Avery N placed 3rd on the 13-14 girls side. Ewan R won the boys 11-12 side, followed by Noah in 3rd. Sawyer N placed 1st, followed by Makaio M in 2nd and Eason Z in 4th on the 13-14 age category. 

To finish off the evening, 50m breaststrokers shone through with Maelle S placing 1st with a best time, followed by Averie H in 4th and Katie M in 5th. Tracy Z won the girl's 50m breaststroke with a personal best over a second under the provincial time. Ethan Z placed first in the boys 11-12 category with a best time of over a second, followed by Sohayb who took off almost 3 seconds and obtained his first divisional time. Eason Zhou won the 13-14 side just over his best, follows by Makaio M in 2nd with a best time. 

Stay tuned for 2 more days of racing from PCS!