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Vikes / Pacific Coast Swimming Announce New Association

Victoria, B.C. - The University of Victoria and Pacific Coast Swimming announced today that they have received formal approval for the formation of a new partnership between the University of Victoria Vikes Swim Team and the Pacific Coast Swimming Club.

This new association, known as the University of Victoria and Pacific Coast Swim Association (UV-PCSA), was granted by the provincial governing body, Swim BC. The recognition of UVic's contribution to the local swim community is reflected in the name and this brings the university in line with other Canada West programs who profile their contribution to the community through the use of associations.  Others include the University of British Columbia Dolphins, University of Calgary Swim Club, and the University of Alberta Swim Centre. Simon Fraser University has also recently received association approval.

The mission of the new association is to provide an environment that enhances competitive and training opportunities such that athletes can maximize their potential to achieve National and International success. The UV-PCSA will increase the profile of UVic swimming in the community when swimmers compete at Swimming Canada meets by ensuring that the University's role in producing local, national and international level swimmers is recognized both in and outside Canadian Interuniversity Sport competition.

The UV-PCSA will represent the joint interests of UVic and it's primary community supporter, Pacific Coast Swimming. This relationship provides volunteer support for all UVic meets such as the CIS Championships hosted last year, as well as support coaching services in various roles.

As well as representing the UVic name more prominently provincially, nationally, and internationally UVic and Pacific Coast Swimming will continue to work together on grass roots programs such as summer camps, stroke camps and outreach camps to improve the profile of both organizations in the local community.