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PCS Shines at VIR's

Vancouver Island Long Course Open Age-Group Championships featured some stellar swims, including new Club National qualifier Nicole Crawford, and new AAA qualifiers William Yolland, Andrea Vizsolyi and Samantha Ivanova. A smattering of results: Alyssa Bakken, Tyler Smith, David Vizsolyi and Jayme Weimer each finished in the top three in all their races. Alyssa took Gold in both 100m and 200m Backstroke; Tyler won Gold in the 100m Butterfly, doubling up on his 100 Fly win at Short Course VIRs from January. David took Gold in the 100 Butterfly, while Jayme racked up Gold in no less than four races: the 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle, and 100m Backstroke.

PCS Medalists also included Ryan Clouston, Nicole Crawford, Craig Dagnall, Stephanie Dixon, Ashkaughn Forghani, Tyler Hoesly, Alison Hooper, Jesse Jacks, Greer Jacks, Christopher Koziol Neumann, Jennifer Lock, Kristina Phillips, Hollis Roth, Jovanna Ruffolo, Erich Schmitt and Laina Steeple. Other top-8 finishers were Katie Humphries, Samantha Ivanova, Sarah Kahale, Evan Letkeman, Julia Schmidt, Stefanie Schmidt, Trevor Smith, Andrea Vizsolyi, William Yolland and Mary-Claire Zachernuk.

We're pleased to see lots of 10-and-under and 12-and-under names in those lists. Keep up the great work! Strong swimming isn't only good for you - you're also providing terrific role models for our new and aspiring swimmers.