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PCS Announces New Distance Challenge

Swimming distance and distance events can offer significant benefits to competitive swimmer’s stroke development, endurance, as well as overall improvement in swimming abilities.

Young swimmers engaging in distance swimming helps to refine stroke technique. Swimming for extended periods develops efficient stroke mechanics to maintain speed and conserve energy. Swimmers who regularly train for distance events often develop better stroke precision and consistency, leading to smoother and more effective distance per stroke.

Participating in distance events enhances endurance which is crucial for competitive success as it allows swimmers to sustain high-intensity efforts over extended periods of time. Distance training builds cardiovascular fitness and improves the body's ability to efficiently use oxygen, resulting in increased stamina and the ability to perform well in all events. Distance swimming contributes to persistence and mental toughness as well as establishing a sense of pace. In short, distance swimming at a young age contributes greatly to the swimmer’s success as they become older. To support this, PCS will be hosting a club wide distance challenge to encourage young swimmers to participate in longer events.

Age Categories & Events:

10&under Boys: 400m freestyle

10&under Girls: 400m freestyle

11-12 Boys: 800m freestyle

11-12 Girls: 800m freestyle

13-14 Boys: 800m freestyle

13-14 Girls: 800m freestyle

Rules & Legislation:

Swimmers will swim the above event in meets and practices at a date decided by their coach. Times will be recorded and submitted to a spreadsheet and posted online. Times will be converted for comparison.

The fastest time for each Age Category and Gender will receive a Gold Plated BC Medal. Prizes for exceptional swims will also be awarded. The eligibility period for these events will take place within the regular swim season and awarded at the Annual Awards Night.