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Chilliwack Day 2 Finals

Another great session for PCS swimmers in Chilliwack this Saturday evening.  Congratulations to Anthony Gutierrez (12), Taiki Hiraoka (11), and Lia Lancaster (14) who all earned their second AAA qualifying time, securing their way to Surrey next month. This brings the total number of PCS swimmers at the meet who have newly qualified for AAAs up to FIVE. 
See results from finals below:
100 FREE
Lia Lancaster (2nd) - 1:02.44
Anthony Gutierrez (3rd) - 1:04.20 AAA
Mikyla Bunting (2nd) - 3:14.70 AAA Big last 50 finish to move up from 4th into 2nd.
Ortansa Somosan (3rd) - 3:15.25 AAA
Emily Laidman (2nd) - 2:57.90 AAA
Laura Rincon (9th) - 3:02.18 Won the heat handily from lane 1.
400 FREE
Taiki Hiraoka (3rd) 5:42.28 AAA 
Anthony Gutierrez (5th) - 5:02.87
Jemma Stevens (6th) - 5:33.32 AAA
Lia Lancaster (3rd) - 4:44.34 AAA
Emily Laidman (14th) - 5:06.69